July 9, 2013

Green Your Business, Green Your Community

An increasing number of businesses in Texas are realizing that there are benefits to becoming a more green company. Part of this is that green practices will improve the overall quality of the surrounding community when implemented correctly. This helps to build local loyalty and encourages nearby residents to use the products or services offered over those produced by other companies that do not contribute. Businesses can take several steps to become more green while helping the community as well.

One way to help green the surrounding community is to look for responsible energy providers in the area. Green energy providers often offer discounted commercial rates to businesses that are improving the area. Green providers offer energy from a variety of sustainable sources or from facilities that do not emit harmful compounds into the atmosphere. This can improve the air quality in the community and minimize the use of harmful types of fuel. It also increases accessibility to green energy suppliers for other companies in the area.

Many businesses in Texas are in locations that have green space outside of the building or on the surrounding property. Maintaining these spaces with more than grass will help the community. The spaces should be filled with easily managed drought resistant plants. Members of the community can help by designing layouts of ornamental plants and flowers. Large plantings will improve soil quality and could even filter rainwater before it enters local water supplies. This beautifies the area, attracts pollinators and improves air and water quality.

Businesses can help the community by reducing the amount of waste generated every week. This could mean moving to a paperless office so that less paper needs to be shredded and disposed of each month. Starting a recycling program will lower the amount of trash that is hauled to local landfills. Recycling also helps to promote local businesses that earn revenue by turning plastics or other materials into reusable substances. Implementing a recycling program can even spill over into the community by making it easier for residential homes and small stores to access recycling services.

A business in Texas can help to green a community by buying as local as possible. Purchasing supplies or other items from distant wholesalers means that more trucks will come into the area causing pollution. Hauling items from distant parts of the state uses more fuel and increases the demand for gasoline. Locating local suppliers will contribute to the economy of the community. It also reduces needless resource usage over time. This creates a greener business and community.

May 20, 2013

Steps To Building A Greener Community

As human beings with consciousness, it is important for us all to realize the environmental impact that our way of living has had on the planet. Not only are we gradually destroying our planet’s protective O-zone layer, but we are constantly polluting our ground, water, and air. If this bothers you, then you may already have made changes in the way you live your life so as to reduce your carbon footprint and your overall negative impact on the planet. However, why stop there? Why not take your green initiative across the community in which you

May 17, 2013

How To Get People Involved In A Community Garden

How To Get People Involved In A Community Garden

The Importance of A Community Garden
There are many important factors when it comes to getting people involved in building a community garden. You will have to get people excited, but you will have to learn how to educate your community about the importance of having a garden. This is not easy, but the difficultly will fade away when you see everybody actively involved.

Getting The Community Excited
Having a community garden means growing locally organic food.

May 14, 2013

The Best Crops For A Community Garden

Community gardens are frequently found in urban environments where residents don’t have the yard space to plant their own crops. Typically, participants in community gardens rent a spot that is tilled and ready to plant, and the use of the garden’s water supply is included in the fee. Community gardens range from a few small plots on a vacant lot to large organizations that cover many acres. Some community gardens even have their own governing bodies, while others are run by county extension programs.The whole story can be found at

May 10, 2013

Five Things To Know Before Building A Community Garden

Community gardens can be great places for residents, and more people are looking to build community gardens than ever before. Before starting, however, is important to plan carefully. Here are five things to know before building a community garden.

1. Is it Legal?

Local laws and regulations might limit what can be done with a community garden. Before beginning work, ensure that your community garden is done in a legal manner.

2. Is Their Interest?

Unfortunately, many community gardens become disused over the years. Projects that were meant to inspire a community can serve as signs

May 6, 2013

The Importance Of Planting A Community Garden

Community gardens are much more than neighbors digging in the dirt together. They establish a common ground around which a community can gather and through which neighbors can focus on broader subjects.

When people share a project such as a garden, the whole group benefits not only from the harvest, but from the socialization as well. All ages can participate, giving a sense of ownership to each individual. The pride of ownership carries over into responsible and thoughtful behaviors that enrich community bonds,